Adda Chapter #467 History

By special dispensation, Sister Jessie Thorp (Miller), Associate Grand Matron, was appointed as Special Deputy for Brother Roy H. Clossen, W.G.P., to convene Adda Chapter U.D.  The Chapter was named for Sister Adda Allen, wife of Brother George Allen, our first Worthy Patron.  Mrs. Artie Lee Hoover, Worthy Matron and Mrs. Nell Dickerson, Associate Matron.  On the afternoon of January 9, 1929, a group of Eastern Star members from Mendias No. 1, Nova No. 436, Abdiel No. 267, Gladiola No. 459, Bonner Springs No. 302 and Sincerity No. 295 met in the Masonic Hall, Lenexa, KS., with Sister Jessie Thorp (Miller) for the purpose of instituting Adda Chapter U.D.  Sister Jessie announced her assisting officers who were: Sister Ada Kelley, P.M. of Bonner Springs, Grand Marshal, Sister Bertha Barnes, P.M. of Mendias, Grand Chaplain, Sister Grace Sturhan, P.M. of Abdiel, Grand Secretary.

The 1928 officers of Nova Chapter No. 436 were prepared to exemplify the opening ceremonies and initiatory work.

On Wednesday evening, June 12, 1929, Adda Chapter was Constituted and received its charter with Sister Jessie Miller, W.G.M. as presiding officer.  Dues were $2.00 and initiation fee was $5.00.  At the end of 1929, per capita tax of forty cents was paid for 41 members.

In 1929, Adda Chapter was in District No. 19 which included the Kansas City Chapters.  After a few years, attendance was poor and the funds were low.  A number of meetings were not held for lack of quorum.  In spite of problems, the work of the Chapter was carried on.  Then on Dec. 13, 1939, it seemed the greatest hour of decision was at hand.  Guests included Sister Maude Clossen P.G.M. and Brother Roy Clossen P.G.P. who were representing the Worthy Grand Matron.  19 members and 3 visitors were present.  After much discussion, it was decided to continue the Chapter and elect officers for the coming year.  The struggle to survive continued on into the 40's.  At the end of the year of 1944, membership was 48.  From that time on, more members were initiated and the Chapter began to grow.

The electric signet was presented by the Allen family.  The first piano was given to the Chapter in 1939 by Sister Minnie Enyart.  The piano and the American flag we are now using were presented to the lodge by the Rainbow Girls.  The Chapter has sponsored the first Rainbow Girls Assembly and for a while a Girl Scout Troop.

The history provided above is a short section of a hand typed history prepared for the 50 Year Anniversary of the Chapter celebrated on March 14th, 1979.  The following pictures are scanned copies of this document.

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