Meera Chapter - 1951 to 1996    
In December 1950, a meeting was held to discuss the organization of a new Eastern Star Chapter.  George M. Griffith suggested that by combining the first letters of the star points, the name MEERA was formed.  It was agreed unanimously that the new Chapter would be known as MEERA Chapter and a petition for Letters of Dispensation were mailed to Alyce McMichael, Worthy Grand Matron.

Meera Chapter was instituted on January 24, 1951 in a ceremony held at the Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village.  Herman D. Kopper, Worthy Grand Patron presided.  Kathryn Campbell, Past Grand Matron was acting Worthy Grand Matron.  Florence Grant, Past Grand Matron was Grand Marshal.  And Florence Hoffman was Grand Organist.  The officers of Nova Chapter #436 assumed the stations of the Chapter and initiated sixteen candidates into the Order.  These sixteen plus four members joining by affiliation made up the required twenty charter members for the new Chapter.  An installation of officers followed the initiation.  Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons of all ten Chapters in District 4 were among the 350 persons present for the evenings' ceremonies.

By action of the Grand Chapter, a charter was granted on April 19th and on May 3rd MEERA Chapter was constituted by Daisy Force, Worthy Grand Matron and Thomas Finnigan, Worthy Grand Patron.

MEERA Chapter continued to grow and prosper for forty years.  In 1995 it mecame necessary for the Chapter to consider dissolution or consolidation.  In January 1996 the members voted to consolidate with ADDA Chapter, and Patti White, Past Grand Matron made the proclamation of consolidation on January 24, 1996.